Our Philosophy

The UKLN Five Steps to Inspirational Leadership

The ‘Five Steps to Inspirational Leadership’ is based upon the ethos that truly inspirational and motivation leadership comes from a high level of authenticity, awareness and flexibility.  Before developing specific leadership capabilities, we work with learners to understand their own behaviour, build confidence in their own leadership style and develop a more flexible approach to communication.

The five steps are:

1. Self-Awareness – understanding the drivers and impact of behaviours, communication style and personality / motivation preferences
2. Self-Belief – building confidence in abilities and style
3. Awareness of Others - understanding of others’ behavioural drivers, communication style and personality / motivation preferences
4. Wider Influence – developing a more flexible communication style that meets to needs of each audience group
5. Leadership Capabilities – transfer of awareness & communication skills into a range of leadership activities such as: performance improvement, coaching, feedback, team building & change leadership

Following this approach, we are able to break down the common emotional barriers to effective leadership relationships and encourage a confident, inclusive and collaborative approach to leadership.  Furthermore, the awareness and communication skills are fully transferable to all leadership activities, thus creating a shared approach to leadership, communication and motivation throughout the organisation.